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Liivi 2-308, 50409 Tartu
Phone 737 6143
Research Group of Computational Linguistics, University of Tartu

The Research Group of Computational Linguistics is an informal group connecting researchers and students of two institutes: the Institute of Computer Science and the Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics.

Laboratory of Spoken and Computer Mediated Communication of the University of Tartu

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Latest news:
7. International WordNet Conference at Tartu, Jan. 25.-29., 2014
The 5th International Conference
Human Language Technologies - The Baltic Perspective
took place in Tartu, Estonia, October 4-5, 2012.
The next bi-annual meeting of Baltic computational linguists will take place during autumn 2014 in Vilnius.
On 21-25 April 2012 Professor of Sociology of York University Paul Drew, one of the most famous specialists on Conversation Analysis, visited the Institute of Estonian and General Lingustics. He conducted a conversation analysis workshop and gave lectures.
Information Retrieval from the Corpus of Spoken Estonian

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