Eesti keeles


International projects

Estonian projects

National programme
Ministry of Research and Education (national programme "Estonian and national memory", language technology project).
Target financing
SF0182541s03 - Computational and language resources for Estonian: theoretical and applicational aspects (2003-2007) H.Õim
ETF grant 4352
Database of Fixed Expressions (2000-2002) H.-J. Kaalep
ETF grant 4467
Creation of a Semantic Disambiguator for Estonian (2000-2002) H. Õim
ETF grant 4605
Development of Two-Level Morphology for Estonian and the Compilation of Lexicons for Automatic Progressing of Estonian (2001-2003) T. Roosmaa
ETF grant 4555
Modelling Estonian Dialogue on the Computer (2001-2003) M. Koit
ETF grant 5534
Concept based resources and processing tools for the Estonian language (2003-2006) H.Õim
ETF 5787
The structure of multi-word verbs in Estonian texts (2004-2007) H.-J. Kaalep

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