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eVikings II

Establishment of the Virtual Centre of Excellence for IST RTD in Estonia

FP5 IST accompanying measures project IST-2001-37592

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The Research group of computational linguistics of University of Tartu is one of participating institutions of eVikings II project.

The group is working in the field of Human Language Tehnology (HLT) and is one of the project partners in Work Package 3 (WP3).

The objective of WP3 is the development of human and material resources, as well as language and software resources for carrying out research in Estonian language technology. The workpackage is managed by Institute of Cybernetics (IoC).

Work Package 3 materials

  1. Morphologically tagged and disambiguated text corpus
  2. Syntactically annotated text corpus
    To corpus files:
  3. Annotating Dialogue Acts in Estonian Spoken Dialogues
    To corpus files:

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